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Most common winter pests.

  1. Rodents such as mice and rats, they seek warmth and shelter in buildings during the winter.

  2. Cockroaches, they can survive even in the coldest environments and can enter buildings through small cracks and crevices.

  3. Spiders, they can come indoors to escape the cold and to find food.

  4. Bed Bugs, they can thrive in warm environments such as homes and apartments.

  5. Termites, They can still be active during the winter and can cause damage to the structure of a building.

  6. Cluster flies, They tend to congregate in large numbers in attics or wall voids during the winter.

  7. Boxelder bugs, They often seek warmth in homes and buildings during the winter.

  8. Ladybugs, They can also enter buildings in large numbers looking for warmth during the winter.

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