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Weed Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

Now that spring is in view, many of us will be faced with a familiar sight: weeds in our lawns. For condo owners, it can be a constant battle as you struggle to keep your grounds looking great and presenting a good impression.


What Is Your Weed Prevention?

We use an iron-based fertilizer that burns off the foliage of select weed varieties. Using a spray application, Fertilizer is applied to your lawn, but won’t hurt the grass.

Is Our Product Safe for Pets & People?

Yes, it is not only safe for your grass, but it’s also safe for pets and people. It is considered to be a very low-risk product. Once applied, it normally dries up within three hours. Within the three hours, you may notice light staining if you have walked through the treated area. This staining can be easily removed with soap and water.

If children or grandchildren are running around the lawn, you can rest easy knowing that they won’t suffer from rashes, itchy skin, or any other health concerns from playing in it, and pets won’t be in danger if they ingest grass after it’s been treated. Everyone can continue to play on the lawn as normal!

How Many Times Is It Applied?

Your lawn will likely need to be treated three times a year, in May, June and September. You may notice that weeds start to come back after the first application, which is why it requires some follow-up treatments.

While it’s not as effective as previous pesticides (which are now banned in the province of Ontario), it will make your lawn look markedly better.

When Should This Be Used?

In the spring, you should assess your lawn’s condition. If it looks really damaged after the long winter months, we recommend a treatment in combination with slit-seeding your lawn. This two-pronged approach can help prevent weeds from coming back and keep your lawn looking green and healthy.

Want to know more about our other methods to controls weeds from aeration, dethatching, and fertilizing programs?
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